Roberto is innovative and passionate about technology and data security. With years of experience, he is clearly an expert in the field but also has the ability think dynamically and be flexible. He has the right business attitude and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to seeing OTDocs grow!

Sonia Palmieri2

Roberto was an outstanding thought leader and innovator who brought the right attitude to the Startupbootcamp Fintech accelerator. There were certainly moments during some of his pitches where you’d see something quite impactful and unique in the ideas and solutions he had, and he may shape more of the industry than he imagines. I recommend him highly.

Rob Findlay2

Roberto is a talented, committed and knowledgeable individual. He has a long-standing entrepreneurial experience and is also exceptionally skilled from a technical standpoint. Roberto is a sociable person as well, and is a very good team leader.

Roberta Profeta2

Roberto Capodieci is a very enthusiastic and energetic developer with a deep understanding of blockchain technology. His work on NXT is unique, and his understanding of how the spread of blockchain technologies will work together is impressive.

Paul Snow2

Roberto is a true expert in his field, with a great attention for detail and an ability to simplify the most complicated information. He is personable and enthusiastic about everything he does and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective user of his services.

Paul Gillies2

I have been knowing Roberto for my whole life. He is one of the smartest, most passionate, committed, human, humble, friend and professional I ever met. He built several successful companies across the globe, his technological skills are unsurpassed. And on top of everything is he someone I can really trust and he would never turn his back on you.

Paolo Privitera2

I have known Roberto since a year ago. Our first meeting was in Bali, Indonesia. He was a fascinating man with remarkable presence, especially in contributing his ideas and hard work to the community. He has helped us for countless amount of times, providing supports to our projects which aims to build a bigger Bitcoin ecosystem in Bali. Personally, I am also very interested in his brilliant idea regarding the deBune implementation which is currently being worked on. How the deBune can apply a decentralized network to the Business Units implementation is what interests me the most.

Oscar Darmawan2

I’ve been working with Roberto in several occasions, while working myself in different companies, and always found his services up to my expectations and delivered as promised.
Should ever in the future require his services I would definitely contact him again.

Nicola Scaramuzzino2

I help Roberto and his co-founders at Startup bootcamp Singapore. Roberto has a deep domain knowledge of blockchain and its potential to solve problems for traditional businesses. Roberto’s approach to work with potential customers early on to validate and refine his idea to get to product market fit is a good one. Roberto was always very open to feedback and recommendations. Always a pleasure to work with passionate Italian!

Nawaz Anwarudeen2

In our current collaboration on a bank specific solution using OTD I have so far found Roberto to be very strong technically and with the ability to explain complex issues in simple terms. He remains flexible and collaborative, without loosing focus on the objective at hands.

Mikkel Larsen2

Roberto is a rare combination of business acumen and deep tech skills.
Leading by example. And a true good person.

Matteo Rizzi2

Roberto’s startup has been part of Startupbootcamp FinTech in Singapore. It has been fantastic to work with Roberto & team, as they are very coachable, allow input & pivots, make the right decision to focus and get simply stuff done. I am positive they are changing the Banking industry.

Markus Gnirck2

Roberto is a very smart individual. During our work together, he has proven himself as a reliable and trustworthy business man.

Lior Yaffe2

Since Roberto was a Director of ExComputer, he and I worked together on projects for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. He has an innate understanding of Big Data and Behavioral Analytics, which he has now merged with his extensive knowledge of Blockchain Technologies. His workshop for LEAs investigating Blockchain related crimes, simply blew me away. I can’t think of anyone better than Roberto to take a complex subject and make it easily understandable to the investigation community.

Karanvir Singh2

Roberto was very knowledgeable and helpful about the technology issues we discussed, and had an interesting and valuable perspective.

Jeremy Wagstaff2

Is a good technical and he know very well the aspect of the lawful interception in Italy and the way of information management. He has a good relationship with all law enforcement in Italy

Giuseppe Di Ieva1

Roberto has brought a great contribution to the solution of a lot of our investigations due to its uncommon preparation, competence and professionalism.

Giampiero Mesina1

Roberto is a hard working professional that doesn’t hesitate to share is knowledge. He has a vast international experience in technologies and finance that enables him to fix and create unique lasting solutions. Is support and guidance is greatly appreciate and makes him a great team member.

Eric Alexandre Ceret2

Roberto is one of the few people in the world with deep knowledge and technical skills needed for developing blockchain based technologies. He’s without a doubt an A player.

David Moskowitz2

Roberto has a deep understanding of client needs and requirements. Roberto is a ‘putting the customer first’ expert and very tenacious in solving a problem. He can absorb a lot of information and pass it on in the appropriate channels and be a big asset on a project. Integrity and trust is very important to Roberto and makes him a excellent partner. I will have no hesitation to work with Roberto again on any project.

Cary Hendricks2

Bas Wisselink
Managing Director at Jelurida B.V.

I have worked with Roberto for several years now.

He has built a company that truly “gets” what blockchain can do in general and Nxt in particular. He has also been a good sparring partner in professionalising our grass roots movement into a company that can engage at enterprise level.

If you need a trustworthy and steady partner, Roberto is a safe and sound choice.

Bas Wisselink2

I feel extremely lucky to have met Roberto. We have worked together on one project, and I hope there will be more. Roberto has a rare combination of IQ to clearly see answers through complex strands of ideas, and EQ help guide the rest of the team to understand the logic, delighting them on the way. Behind a charming and humble exterior, Roberto possesses razor sharp expertise in computer forensics, networking, and distributed technology such as blockchains. Always with a smile on his face, Roberto is a joy to work alongside and to learn from.

Antony Lewis2